jacqueline puoci


September 21, 2009
The point of this blog is to tell you to talk to EVERYONE! You never know who you might meet and where that person could end up leading you, especially in the world of photography, everyone you meet is a potential client and/or contact. Anyways, my good friend, Indi is a HUGEEEEEE Manchester Orchestra fan and while I was attending Hallmark Institute of Photography we had a chance to go to one of their concerts in Boston. To be honest it wasn't the greatest show I've been to but that was because of the crowd, the music was absolutely amazing. Before the show actually began though Indi and her sly ways, ended up talking to the guitarist, Zach from the band Winston Audio. To make the story short... they talked for a bit... Indi mentioned that she was a photographer and we both were in need of models. We ended up shooting the MO/WA/FUN show a couple days later in Pittsburgh. Got to meet some guys who really like to have fun and laugh... a lot.

One photo from my shoot.. 

you can also see what Indi had shot at her site... Indiphoto.com

"we got to experience this madness and fun first hand"... give them a listen.




September 4, 2009
I'm so glad to finally have my website finished and for it to be out in the world. I've been so busy working that it was getting a little difficult trying to finish but here it is... and I hope you all enjoy my images. Just a little post for now to say hi for now... and lot more to come later on. Don't be shy say hi some time.

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