So here it is again, a brand new year! I hope everyone had a great holiday and got to celebrate with all their friends and family. 2009 taught me to be extremely thankful for what we have and never let any of your dreams slip away. It might take time to get where you want but with hard work and dedication anyone can do what or go where they want. Also, make sure you tell everyone that you love them over and over again, and then once more, just so they know. One day they may never be there again and then all you'll have left are those memories. I have also learned that we shouldn't take everything so seriously and most important.. laugh at yourself for stupid mistakes; don't hold grudges. So here is to the new year and all the surprises that will come along with it. I hope 2010 is an extremely happy one for everybody!

And on that note,.. I've got big plans in the making! So far, I have been trying to finish up all my old stuff and just get everything out there so I can start on all the new projects that I have in mind. If you go to my "Plaid Project" section you will see a lot more images that I've added. Im really happy with with the designs I've made on a few of them. I have also added a couple images to "design" and a couple to "places". Anyways, back to work I go, more editing to do!! Later! xoxo