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What a year!

April 4, 2011
I just realized that I haven't updated my blog since last year and oh what a year its been! 2010 was supposed to be the year I move and leave town but things happened and prevented all that. BUT, this is ok because things happen for a reason and im expecting more to come. 2010 was when I told the love of my life to never speak to me, (for the second time) but fate is fate and we are much stronger than before. 2010, I got promoted at work and met some amazing people. Took a few trips and got to see a few friends I haven't seen in years. In all, 2010 was a decent year. Not my favorite year but definitely not a bad one either. It is now 2011. So far, I really like 2011. More trips, got another promotion, my best friend got married to an amazing guy and Im still with the love of my life AND ITS ONLY APRIL 3RD! Right now all I want to do is feel the summer's heat.


what did you wear today

January 28, 2010
Fashion has always been a really big part of my life. I mean, the way you dress is a HUGE part of your personality and I think its so fun the way people wear things. I never really cared about having brand name things.. obviously it would be awesome if that was all I could buy but I am not rich so I buy my clothes everywhere. I actually think it is more impressive to buy cheaper clothes and then put an outfit together still you are able to look like a million bucks. Anyways, I have recently joined two sites lookbook.nu and chictopia. I get so much inspiration for my own outfits and even future photo shoots from these site. You should check out my recent entries.. lookbook.nu/jacquelinemarie and http://www.chictopia.com/jacquelinemarie


Happy 2010!

January 11, 2010
So here it is again, a brand new year! I hope everyone had a great holiday and got to celebrate with all their friends and family. 2009 taught me to be extremely thankful for what we have and never let any of your dreams slip away. It might take time to get where you want but with hard work and dedication anyone can do what or go where they want. Also, make sure you tell everyone that you love them over and over again, and then once more, just so they know. One day they may never be there again and then all you'll have left are those memories. I have also learned that we shouldn't take everything so seriously and most important.. laugh at yourself for stupid mistakes; don't hold grudges. So here is to the new year and all the surprises that will come along with it. I hope 2010 is an extremely happy one for everybody!

And on that note,.. I've got big plans in the making! So far, I have been trying to finish up all my old stuff and just get everything out there so I can start on all the new projects that I have in mind. If you go to my "Plaid Project" section you will see a lot more images that I've added. Im really happy with with the designs I've made on a few of them. I have also added a couple images to "design" and a couple to "places". Anyways, back to work I go, more editing to do!! Later! xoxo



Wild Winter Fashion Show

December 5, 2009
On November 21, 2009 the retail store I am working for (A'GACI, http://www.agacistore.com) put on a fashion show. I had never shot anything like this before so I wasn't sure what to expect but it was definitely a LOT of fun. Hopefully one day I'll be able to shoot another fashion show, either for A'GACI again or somewhere else. Also, everyone was really great to work with and anyone that helped put the show on was wonderful! I thought it was a great accomplishment. All my photos from the show are posted in my portfolio section under projects. Or you can just click here. Also, be sure to check out Dan Sulla's photos as well. He was another photographer at the show and got some great photos of the girls too. You can find his photos at his site.. http://event2photos.com under "Fashion Show 11-21-2009" Hope you enjoy everything!


inspiration is everywhere!

September 24, 2009
I find it really hard to believe when an artist says they have a "creative block". Sure, at times I can't come up with something to draw or take a picture of but in reality I don't think it is actually possible. I mean, you can find inspiration everywhere..!!! Everyday I am inspired by something.. sometimes it might just be as simple as a really cool outfit or maybe I'll be outside and see the sun shining through a bush.. either way, you can get inspired by anything. This world is full of beauty. Here are a couple of sites where I find a LOT of inspiration...

http://jacquelinepuoci.tumblr.com.. (I post almost everyday with photos that I enjoy)

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